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Recent post form our blog | New Study Shows That Acupuncture Significantly Increases Pregnancy Rates for Women with Repeated IVF Failure

We are delighted to share a recent study published in Reproductive Biomedicine is consistent with Acubalance results that acupuncture is dosage dependant when it comes to increased pregnancy rates and reduced miscarriages in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) patients.

Link to original article here:

A recent study published by Caroline Smith in Reproductive Biomedicine found that acupuncture increased pregnancy rates and reduced miscarriages in in vitro fertilization (IVF) patients. This systematic review and meta-analysis of 20 trials, involving 5130 women in Italy, Germany, Australia, USA and more, showed that 3 or more acupuncture treatments before an IVF transfer produced more pregnancies compared to no acupuncture (standard of care). The findings suggest that “acupuncture may have a significant effect on clinical pregnancy rates, independent of comparator group, when used in women who have had multiple previous IVF cycles, or where there was a low baseline pregnancy rate.”

Following six unsuccessful IUI procedures (where sperm is injected directly into the woman’s uterus) and one unsuccessful IVF, Stephanie was told that her FSH and AMH levels (which measure fertility hormones) indicated that she would not produce enough eggs for an IVF procedure and her only hope for a pregnancy was to have IVF with donor eggs. Not willing to give up hope yet on having their own baby, Stephanie and her husband turned to Acubalance Wellness Centre (, Vancouver’s leading acupuncture fertility clinic.

After six months of weekly acupuncture treatments Stephanie discovered that her AMH had improved significantly and that, after starting her IVF cycle, her eggs were of excellent quality. “But not all IVF acupuncture treatments meet the minimal threshold to be effective.” says Lorne Brown founder and clinical director of Acubalance. “What recent studies and our own clinical experience are showing us is that IVF acupuncture is dose dependent and a series of acupuncture sessions leading up to the IVF transfer is critical to increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.”

According to study author Mike Armour, “Our comprehensive meta-analysis shows that while treatment on the day of embryo transfer (ET) only, may not show significant benefit, regular treatment delivered outside just the time of ET shows significant benefit, especially in those who normally respond poorly to IVF.”

The benefit of multiple acupuncture treatments is supported in an observational analysis conducted by Acubalance Wellness Centre ( and Olive Fertility Centre ( in Vancouver, BC. The analysis, which ran from January 2016 to March 2018, evaluated whether acupuncture improved pregnancy outcomes in women undergoing the transfer of chromosomally-normal frozen embryos (FET). It compared the outcomes of patients receiving an Acubalance treatment protocol involving a series of acupuncture and laser (LLLT) treatments ,leading up to and on the day of transfer, with patients receiving no acupuncture. The patients receiving the Acubalance protocol had higher pregnancy rates and lower miscarriage rates than those who did not receive it. The most benefit was seen with women who had seven or more acupuncture sessions in the weeks leading up to transfer day plus two treatments on the day of FET.

Science is showing that imbalances in hormones like insulin, thyroid and cortisol (a stress hormone) can interfere with a woman’s ability to ripen or release an egg or with implantation or the ability to carry a baby to term. According to Brown, acupuncture stimulates blood circulation to the ovaries and uterine lining, reduce stress and regulate hormones to support egg quality and uterine receptivity. The Acubalance approach can include the combination of acupuncture and laser acupuncture (LLLT/photobiomodulation) treatments for maximum benefit.

“We encourage patients undergoing IVF treatment to seek consistent acupuncture treatments at least three to six months before a fresh IVF cycle and at least 4 weeks leading up a frozen transfer as well as making life style changes.” said Brown. “Optimal health is important for this stressful journey.”

For Stephanie and her husband weekly acupuncture treatments finally helped them realize their dream. “After years of worrying, stress and feeling like we were running out of time, we had now finally found hope. I got pregnant with my first IVF treatment and nine months later we welcomed a beautiful and healthy 9.5 lb baby boy to our family.” says Stephanie. “The joy of being parents is priceless. I think of how close we were to giving up and how lucky we were to have found and Acubalance, in Vancouver.”

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