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Flourish Integrative Health

Flourish Integrative Health in Sonoma County provides a wide range of health services such as acupuncture, medical qigong, fertility treatments, massage, naturopathic medicine, and forest therapy walks, classes, and retreats.

Flourish Office, Downtown Santa Rosa, CA
Phone: 707-861-4022
Address: 431 Humboldt Street, Studio A, Code 22220 (During patient hours only)

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Acupuncture Practitioners –

[Not applicable for virtual consultations] We accept most insurances for Acupuncture, but would need to do a complimentary benefit check for you to confirm your benefits. Please send the following information to for your complimentary insurance verification:

Full name listed on the card:
Date of Birth:
Full address:
Insurance company:
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Naturopathic Medicine – Dr. Jen Riegle, ND – click here to schedule your appointment

Massage Therapy – Rose DeNicola, CMT – click here to schedule your appointment

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