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Flourish Integrative Health

Flourish Integrative Health in Sonoma County provides a wide range of health services such as acupuncture, medical qigong, fertility treatments, massage, naturopathic medicine, and forest therapy walks, classes, and retreats.

New Expanded Flourish Office in Santa Rosa, CA
Phone: 707-861-4022
Address: 1212 Farmers Lane, Suite 3, Santa Rosa

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Acupuncture Practitioners –

[Not applicable for virtual consultations] We accept most insurances for Acupuncture, but would need to do a complimentary benefit check for you to confirm your benefits. Please send the following information to for your complimentary insurance verification:

Full name listed on the card:
Date of Birth:
Full address:
Insurance company:
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Naturopathic Medicine – Dr. Jen Riegle, ND – click here to schedule your appointment

Massage Therapy – Rose DeNicola, CMT – click here to schedule your appointment

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