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Keeping our Flourish Community Safe with Updated Covid Protocols

COVID numbers are surging. Sigh. As you know, we’ve had careful measures in place since we reopened in June. Due to the current spread of the pandemic, and because of the holiday season which will have more traveling and gatherings, we are changing some of our regulations and protocols in order to keep everyone in the Flourish community safe. 


This may affect your upcoming care with Flourish, so please read this email to make sure you’re in the know. It’s long – so take a few minutes to review it in order to keep yourself, our practitioners, and everyone’s families healthy and well.


Changes to who is eligible to continue to receive care:




Changes to how to prepare for your appointment at the clinic:


  1. While we have required masks since June for all patients and practitioners, we are changing the standard to assure everyone’s safety. We are now requiring patients to wear face masks that are in accordance with the following regulations:
    • Masks with vents, neck gaiters and bandanas will no longer be permitted in the clinic. Unfortunately, these masks have been shown to fail to properly protect others from COVID droplets.  
    • If you don’t have the right kind of mask, we can provide you with a disposable surgical mask for $1. You can reuse this mask for your following Flourish appointments.
  2. We will increase our commitment to conducting the majority of the intake / conversation portion of the appointment via phone while you remain outside the clinic – so please wait outside the clinic until your practitioner calls you. 
    • This is intended to minimize your exposure time inside the clinic. Don’t worry, it does NOT mean that you have to be silent in the clinic, of course 🙂 
  3. Please ensure that you complete the emailed COVID screening questionnaire prior to each appointment. You will now receive it 12 hours in advance of your appointment. Some of the questions may prompt you to contact your practitioner with more details. 


Changes to our COVID protocols in the clinic


We are doing our best to be able to keep our doors open in the face of this pandemic, while also keeping our patients’ and practitioners’ safety at top of mind. If you have any questions about these requirements and regulations, please be in touch, anytime. 


Thank you for your continued commitment to keeping Flourish a safe space for all who enter.