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Ongoing Online Groups

Women’s Spirit Circles: Sisterhood ~ Magic ~ Transformation

Envision a women’s circle AND a spiritual retreat in one place where you:
… gather with women in sacred space…
… get spiritual guidance…
…and take tangible steps towards creating the life that your heart yearns for.

When women circle together, magic happens.

Did you know that when women come together, the love-bonding hormone oxytocin is released, which reduces stress, loneliness and depression? In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever that we tend to ourselves, befriend each other as sisters, and come together as a community. 

What’s a Spirit Circle?
Imagine the transformation of Queer Eye Makeover meets the magic of Hogwarts meets the sisterhood in Sex in the City.

In other words…we’ll bring together a group of amazing women to deeply connect, do a “whole life make-over,” all while receiving powerful spiritual tools and guidance. Amidst all of the responsibilities you have in your life, you will feel nurtured and supported to help you navigate and even thrive in your life.

Yes, you are amazing. And, this will help you know and embody that even more.

What happens in a Spirit Circle:
Each month presents a powerful theme from the Magic Square (Feng Shui Map), to help you explore each of the Nine Palaces of your life, such as:

You’ll have time to explore and grow these areas, as well as share in a nonjudgmental, safe and warm space. In addition, you will enjoy guided meditations where you get to ground and center in these uncertain times. You’ll leave each circle feeling part of a wider web of connection and support, with new tools to grow and flourish.

Find out more about Women’s Spirit Circles and our Free Community Call

Prenatal and Post-Partum Circles

Prenatal Support Circle (conception to birth) Saturdays at 10 am

Even at the best of times, the months of pregnancy are filled with ups and downs. This group enables pregnant women to gather together, provides a calm space in which they can share their hopes and fears, and builds bonds. Group will start with a brief talk on a fundamental theme in Chinese medical philosophy and then will be open to facilitated group sharing.

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Postpartum Support Circle (through the first year) Thursdays at 10 am
Come share in the multitude of feelings and experiences that is the first year after birth! This group provides a stable, non-judgmental space where new moms can gather in community and discuss, laugh, cry and be heard. Tears, silence, diaper changes, nursing, bottle feeding, spit-ups, wipe-outs and gurgling are all welcome here.
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About the Facilitator
Hannah Perlkin is a licensed acupuncturist and mother to one wonderful toddler.
Pregnancy and the post-partum year have long been a passion of hers and are still fresh in her
mind. She strongly encourages all people in the perinatal period to receive community support
in some form.


What: 1 hour support circles

When: Prenatal 10am Saturday

Postpartum 10 am Thursday

How much: $5-$20

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Shelter in the Heart: Partner Massage Series

Shelter in the Heart is a live online introductory partner massage series for you to learn how to skillfully exchange massages at home. Massage therapist Rose DeNicola will guide you in hands-on learning of anatomy, basic stroke, and massage sequences. She will also include loving-kindness meditation, grounding movement practices, and self-massage to support your own wellbeing, as well as your massage practice. As the circle of people you are in physical contact with has become limited, this class is an invitation for you to relax and enjoy healing touch with yourself and those you are in contact with* in this challenging time.


What: Five live Zoom 90-minute massage therapy classes

When: Monday evenings (April 6-May 4) from 6:30-8PM (PDT)

How much: In light of the current public health crisis, the 5-class series is offered at a sliding scale of $75-150 per person ($150-300 per pair). Classes are limited to 10 groups.

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*Note: This course is open to all ages, types of couples, and friends – it is not only for romantic partners. It is for any two people who want to learn massage together.

**No massage table required.

Course Includes
Meditations – Embodied loving kindness
Exploration of Core Principles – Heart centered intention, relaxing into your body, listening hands / embodied awareness, opening to trust inner wisdom
Basic Massage Strokes – Eastern (no oil) and Western (oil)
Anatomy – Hands-on, simple and functional
Live Discussion and Support
Massage Sequences:

Class 1 – Self massage & basic strokes
Class 2 – Back
Class 3 – Arms
Class 4 – Legs
Class 5 – Head / Neck


Extra Recordings and Handouts
Meditation Recordings
Sequence Summary PDFs
Massage Sequence Videos


About the Facilitator
Rose DeNicola (CMT) has been studying and practicing massage for the past five years. However, in response to COVID-19, she has stopped her massage practice until it is safe to practice again. She is devoted to deeply listening to the body to bring it into a natural state of harmony. With a foundation in both Eastern and Western modalities, Rose draws upon her studies of Swedish Esalen, Deep Tissue, Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure, Trigger Points, Breema, Chi Neitsang (Chinese abdominal massage), Qigong, and more to teach you the core principles and techniques of massage. Rose also studies somatic psychotherapy, movement therapy, tai-chi and qigong, and she enjoys hiking, traveling, painting and dancing.


Rose’s Contact Info
Please reach out with any questions!