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Ongoing Online Groups

Women’s Spirit Circle

In this time of isolation, it’s crucial to reconnect. Vladi will be leading intimate virtual women’s gatherings, which will include a meditation followed by open discussion of a self-discovery theme. If community and connecting with other women will support you, please fill out this invitation.

Flourish founder Vladi Starkov created Spirit Circles in 2016 out of her love of gathering women, connecting to spirit and community. A number of women had been requesting to deepen their connection with themselves as well as with other women, in an accessible, non-denominational spiritual container. After several years of facilitating, Vladi is excited to bring these beautiful circles to other women in the Flourish community.

Some aspects that women in the circles have appreciated: feeling part of a greater web of support, which they can call on in times of need; getting tools to become more aligned in body, mind and spirit; being truly accepted for who they are; and learning to love themselves more.

What happens in a Spirit Circle: Each gathering has a topic or theme for self-discovery and sharing. We start with a grounding and centering meditation. Then, Vladi introduces the topic, and each woman has time to share in a nonjudgmental, safe and warm space.


What: Two 1.5 hour virtual group meetings per month. As well, each woman receives a 15-minute private check-in with Vladi, to be used anytime in the month.

When: The day and time is to be determined, based on everyone’s availability..

How much: Monthly membership of $108

If you are interested in joining this group, please fill out this invitation.

Prenatal and Post-Partum Circles

Prenatal Support Circle (conception to birth) Wednesdays at 10 am

Even at the best of times, the months of pregnancy are filled with ups and downs. This group enables pregnant women to gather together, provides a calm space in which they can share their hopes and fears, and builds bonds. Group will start with a brief talk on a fundamental theme in Chinese medical philosophy and then will be open to facilitated group sharing.

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Postpartum Support Circle (through the first year) Thursdays at 10 am
Come share in the multitude of feelings and experiences that is the first year after birth! This group provides a stable, non-judgmental space where new moms can gather in community and discuss, laugh, cry and be heard. Tears, silence, diaper changes, nursing, bottle feeding, spit-ups, wipe-outs and gurgling are all welcome here.
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About the Facilitator
Hannah Perlkin is a licensed acupuncturist and mother to one wonderful toddler.
Pregnancy and the post-partum year have long been a passion of hers and are still fresh in her
mind. She strongly encourages all people in the perinatal period to receive community support
in some form.


What: 1 hour support circles

When: Prenatal 10am Wednesday

Postpartum 10 am Thursday

How much: $5-$20

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Mindful Massage Partner Course

This Mindful Massage Partner Course is a live virtual introductory class series for you and those you are in contact with to practice massage at home. Flourish’s amazing massage therapist, Rose DeNicola, will guide you in hands-on learning of anatomy, basic strokes, and massage sequences. She will also include somatic meditations and self-care practices that support your own well being as well as your massage offering. As the circle of people you are in physical contact with has become limited, this class is a perfect way to enrich the contact you do have with yourselves and those around you. 

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What: 75 minute Partner Massage every Monday (April 6th-May 4)

When: every Monday (April 6th-May 4)  6-7:15(PDT)

How much: The 5 class series is offered at a sliding scale of $125-250 with a $50 non-refundable deposit. Please consider the size of the group(1-4 per video group) joining the Zoom call when choosing your payment. If you miss any of the first classes, you will receive the recording.


Classes Include:
Live Guidance and direct feedback
Meditation – Somatic & Loving Kindness
Core Massage Principles
Massage Strokes Introduction
Basic Anatomy – Hands-On and Functional
15 Minute Massage Sequence
Q&A and discussion

Extra Resources

Meditation Recordings
Sequence Summary PDFs
Massage Sequence Videos