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Women’s Spirit Circles: Sisterhood ~ Magic ~ Transformation

Envision a women’s circle AND a spiritual retreat in one place where you:
… gather with women in sacred space…
… get spiritual guidance…
…and take tangible steps towards creating the life that your heart yearns for.

When women circle together, magic happens.

Did you know that when women come together, the love-bonding hormone oxytocin is released, which reduces stress, loneliness and depression? In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever that we tend to ourselves, befriend each other as sisters, and come together as a community. 

What’s a Spirit Circle?
Imagine the transformation of Queer Eye Makeover meets the magic of Hogwarts meets the sisterhood in Sex in the City.

In other words…we’ll bring together a group of amazing women to deeply connect, do a “whole life make-over,” all while receiving powerful spiritual tools and guidance. Amidst all of the responsibilities you have in your life, you will feel nurtured and supported to help you navigate and even thrive in your life.

Yes, you are amazing. And, this will help you know and embody that even more.

What happens in a Spirit Circle:
Each month presents a powerful theme from the Magic Square (Feng Shui Map), to help you explore each of the Nine Palaces of your life, such as:

You’ll have time to explore and grow these areas, as well as share in a nonjudgmental, safe and warm space. In addition, you will enjoy guided meditations where you get to ground and center in these uncertain times. You’ll leave each circle feeling part of a wider web of connection and support, with new tools to grow and flourish.

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