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Supporting Women’s Radiant Health at every age with Acupuncture, Nutrition, Chinese Herbs & Holistic Medicine

As women, it is important to constantly and consistently nurture our highest potential. Throughout all phases in life, it is important to live in balance and harmony with the seasons, our own inner rhythms and, of course, the calling of our lives. In Chinese Medicine we offer a whole-body approach to healing that allows us to gather vitality and health with ease. Qi or Energy is what naturally flows when the blocks are removed. It is this state of well-being that is our natural state.

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Smooth Easy Cycles
Chinese Medicine can address a variety of complaints in the menstrual cycle by helping to balance the hormones, the organ systems, and the emotions. Uncomfortable symptoms before or during your period can easily be alleviated with the right tools. Your monthly period can provide a great deal of information about your overall health, but you shouldn’t have to dread your period. Acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary changes and exercise can help you regain hormonal health and a pain-free, smooth cycle.



Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth

Chinese Medicine has been supporting fertility for well over 2500 years. The time-tested tools of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal remedies, proper Nutrition and Energetic Exercises improve fertility rates and unlock the unlimited potential for vitality, well-being and creating life.





Pediatric Acupuncture & Massage

Most kids adore being touched. Baby needles or other non-needle devices and massage are utilized in a safe, effective and painless way to bring about immense benefit quickly. Common conditions treated:



Supporting Whole Families through Five Element Style Acupuncture

Five Elements is system of acupuncture that addresses the unique individual. With a longer intake than usual, and more time asking specific questions, Five Element style really hones in on what the person’s uniqueness is asking for elementally. Which elements are out of balance? What tools, techniques would be helpful? How can we create ease, health, vitality for the whole individual, which will impact the greater family?



They still have fun togetherHealthy Aging and Chinese Medicine

According to Chinese Medicine, menopause and the later years are a woman’s second spring. Even though it is a time of change, it can also be an opportunity to discover new vitality, passions and endeavors. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are a wonderful addition to your care-plan.